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Legacy of Discord is a mobile MMORPG available on Android/IOS devices. LoD features top down manual/automated action combat as well as flying and combat after the 20th of June.

Legacy of Discord features many different PvE and PvP modes with a mix of solo/group content.

Legacy of Discord - Furious Wings Features:

  • 5+ Varied PvE Modes That Alternate Between Grinding Monsters and Boss Challenges
  • 5 Different PvP Modes: 1v1 DeathMatch, Free For All-Last Man Standing, Guild Wars ect.
  • HD Quality Graphics That Runs Well On Most Midrange Devices (Late PS2/Early PS3 Era)
  • Game Can Play Itself So You Can Still Progress and Grind Whenever
  • 3 Different Classes With Their Own Unique Skills and Visuals
  • Own Your Own Pets That Can Buff Your Stats and Use Their Own Skills

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