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Guild Wars 2's 5 Man PvP is structured and objective based. This post and video will help those that play as a Warrior to dominate the enemy and keep your team alive through heavy damage, crowd control, and condition effects such as bleeding and burning..

Guild Wars 2 Warrior PvP Build Guide - Cliff Notes

  1. Mainhand - Sword/Offhand - Torch
  2. 2nd Weapon either Long Bow or Rifle
  3. 2nd Skillbar focuses on Damage, Crowd Control and Utility Skills
  4. Primary Specialization focus is Berserker
  5. Other 2 Specializations focus on Offense (Bleeds/Crits) and Defense (CC reduction/Break Stuns/Toughness)
  6. Stat focus as a whole is Crits, Bleeds, Burning damage, Crowd Control and Utility
  7. Build Weaknesses Include: Hard CC, Mobility, Only 1 Heal.

Guild Wars 2 offers a lot as a Free To Play MMO with a Paid expansion that adds more to virtually every aspect of GW2's base content. This build requires the expansion however I will look into making builds not focusing on the expansion's content.

For morevideo reviews, guides and gameplay (regarding MMOs, Free Games, MOBAs and RPGS) Visit my YouTube Channel!: https://www.youtube.com/user/KojintoGaming

If you enjoyed the video and/or channel above and want to get closer to my unfiltered opinion on various things, drop by my Twitter page and say Hi. https://twitter.com/IMOGaming

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