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Guild Wars 2 is a huge open-world MMO with a very dynamic questing system, a fun to explore open-world and multiple PvP modes for anyone at any level. Normally Guild Wars 2 operates via Tab-targeting and clicking the enemy to select them. In the video below I'll show you how to change the game's Targeting system to play more like Black Desert Online or TERA!

Guild Wars 2 plays like your standard Tab-targeting MMO...not anymore!

Currently Guild Wars 2 (The Main Game, NOT The Expansion) is 100% Free to Play with some restrictions. That said, If you haven't yet played Guild Wars 2 or are considering returning to the game it is fun to play and runs better than ever.

For more video reviews, guides and gameplay (regarding MMOs, Free Games, MOBAs and RPGS) Visit my YouTube Channel!: https://www.youtube.com/user/KojintoGaming

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