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Dead Cells is a Roguelike-Metroidvania (self proclaimed) style of 2D platformer, developed by French Studio-MotionTwin

Watch my Review of Dead Cells for a more in-depth look at the game!

Dead Cells is a game that's all about slow permanent progression while constantly dying to your own mistakes in a world where every trash monster has the capacity to kill you and reset your progress. You then respawn, grab some starting gear and try again.

Dead Cells is a strikingly gorgeous game with both beautiful art direction and technical graphical effects

Dead Cells Features a wide variety of randomly generated locations to hunt through, full of surprise items, rooms and elite monsters. From level to level you will get stronger, and with enough luck find a powerful combination of items and spells to help propel you past the first boss and later levels.

There are currently 50 weapons, spells, and powerups to make slaughtering your enemies fun and replayable

The items in Dead Cells start with their own standard attributes, but as you progress and dive into the more difficult sprawling levels the items you pick up will have added bonuses (like finding Uncommon, Rare and Epic versions of the same weapons). These added bonuses can be things like "shoots an arrow out in front of you when used" or "Does 20% more damage on a critical hit".

All in all, Dead Cells is the kind of game that you'll either love or hate. Hate because its difficult, and Love because of how it makes you want to come back and try again.

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