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Caveblazers is a 2D Platformer with Roguelike Elements and fully randomly generated levels/enemies/loot. A.I uses advanced pathfinding to chase you down no matter where you are in the level. There are potentially helpful A.I Explorers that can join your dungeons too...for better or for worse!

Caveblazers Features:

  1. Randomly Generated Dungeons
  2. Large list of starting Perks to make playthroughs different
  3. A large variety of melee weapons, bows and magic to use
  4. Smart A.I that follows you no matter where you are
  5. Helpful A.I companions
  6. Challenging Bosses Between Zones
  7. Lots of Secrets
  8. Daily Dungeons with Random Modifiers!
  9. Charming 2D pixel-art Visual Design

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