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Dead Cells Early Access Review - Is It Worth Your Dime?

Dead Cells is a Roguelike-Metroidvania (self proclaimed) style of 2D platformer, developed by French Studio-MotionTwin

Watch my Review of Dead Cells for a more in-depth look at the game!

Dead Cells is a game that's all about slow permanent progression while constantly dying to your own mistakes in a world where every trash monster has the capacity to kill you and reset your progress. You then respawn, grab some starting gear and try again.

Dead Cells is a strikingly gorgeous game with both beautiful art direction and technical graphical effects

Dead Cells Features a wide variety of randomly generated locations to hunt through, full of surprise items, rooms and elite monsters. From level to level you will get stronger, and with enough luck find a powerful combination of items and spells to

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Skyforge in 2017: Is It Worth Your Time? - A Critical Review

In my constant quest to uncover fun and worthwhile MMOs I continually stumble upon ones like Skyforge.

Skyforge is a Free To Play Action-Combo-Combat MMO developed by The Allods Team (...they made Allods Online) and is Published by My.Com. Skyforge has been released since 2015 and recently made its way onto Steam.

I figured Skyforge would be a polished experience given that it's been out for a while now and that the premise and gameplay looked fun and right up my alley. I wasn't wrong, Skyforge is pretty polished from both a story and gameplay perspective but the way they monetize the game hurts the overall experience greatly. For more information see my Video above!

For those interested Skyforge has the following features:

  • Combo-based Combat (Similar to Vindictus and DragonNest)
  • A ref
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Asta Online: Is It Worth Your Time? - A Critical Review

Asta Online is a Free To Play MMORPG that released originally in mid 2016 and was created using the Cryengine 3.

In the video above I look at the game and its systems, show some gameplay and talk about whether or not it's worth your time.

Asta Online is definitely a throw-back to older MMOs (for better or for worse).

That said, what ultimately turned me off of the game even at early levels was the cash shop and what they put inside of it.

It's interesting to note that this game has already shut down once in 2016, and ultimately failed to do well in Korea.

Asta Online Features:

  • Classic Tab-Targeting Combat
  • Classic MMO Designs (2004 WoW-esque)
  • A variety of Races each with a unique starting area
  • The game runs well on older hardware
  • A decent enough character creator
  • Voice Acting!
  • A variety of PvP modes
  • Dungeons and GW2-style Public Events

For more on what Asta Online does poorly, check out the video above!

For more Worth Your Time and Worth Your Dime video reviews (regarding MMOs,

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Heroes of The Storm 2.0 Review: Is it Worth Your Time?

Heroes of The Storm recently updated with its huge 2.0 overhaul. With it came a large variety of improvements to the reward/leveling and cosmetic systems. Alongside that came a new Hero (Genji) a new Map (Super fun, imo) and a bevvy of other changes and tweaks.

I reviewed Heroes of The Storm 2.0, its gameplay, it's new reward, and cosmetic loot box system in order to deduce whether or not it's Worth Your Time as a free-to-play game!

For more Worth Your Time and Worth Your Dime video reviews (regarding MMOs, Free Games, MOBAs and RPGS) Visit my YouTube Channel!: https://www.youtube.com/user/KojintoGaming

If you enjoyed the video and/or channel above and want to get closer to my unflitered opinion on various things, drop by my Twitter page and say Hi. https://twitter.com/IMOGaming

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