Mythos Global Content Update Review

By: iamjuly posted at Jun 17, 2012 10:39 pm

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Last May 24, Mythos Global released its latest and biggest content update so far. The update included an increase of level cap from 51 to 60, a new zone called Land of the Dead, several new dungeons, and tons of new monsters and loots.

I've been playing Mythos Global ever since its OBT and I'm still playing it until now. Like many Mythos players, I've also been waiting for this update for quite some time. As such, here are some overview of the new stuff implemented with the latest patch.

First is the new area called Land of the Dead. This area is very different from the previous three zones of Mythos. The first one being very vibrant and green with all the lush forests. The second is orangey with all the sandy deserts and rocky mountains. The third one is a cold snowy terrain. Land of the Dead is much darker and lurks with hideous undead and other deformed creatures.

Next are the dungeons. From level 1 to 51, I rarely died inside dungeons. If ever I die, it's most likely because of carelessness. Although, I didn't say the relic dungeons since those are much tougher. It's quite hard to solo those relic dungeons. However, most of the normal dungeons are quite manageable given the right skills and gears. This has drastically changed when the update came. The new dungeons are very challenging. The normal mobs are much tougher and also deal quite a lot of damage.

If the new mobs got stronger, then say hello to the new bosses. My character is not the tanking type. I killed bosses mainly by summoning turrets and widgets (the flying thingies), while I run around and kite the boss. This became very difficult to do when fighting the new breed of bosses. Not only do they have larger HP, they also have much higher damage. They even have skills that can easily one or two shot my character if I get just a tad bit careless. Furthermore, some bosses even run VERY fast! The kiting strategy are much less effective against those enemies because whenever I stop for a second to throw a new tower, they are right there behind me, even with a speed increase potion activated. In a few days alone, I find myself dying quite a lot! I had to get a new skill just to increase my survivability.

The last thing that I would like to talk about in this patch is the new mode called Crystal Defense. As the name implies, it is a mode where you have to protect a crystal from several waves of monsters. The group mode is unavailable yet so it's only solo for now. Although I haven't reached the level cap yet, it's definitely tough. The highest I got was stage 3 or 4 (I can't remember exactly). Basically, it's just a matter of defeating enemies as fast as possible before they can attack the crystal that you need to protect. It's a fun challenge especially to those strong enough to repel the enemies for a long time.

Result of one of my runs. Haha.

So that's my short overview of the latest patch update for Mythos Global. It definitely brings a lot to the game. Besides the typical increase in level cap, new zones, quests, monsters, and items, it added a lot of challenge to the game. One doesn't just walk happily inside those dungeons since the danger is much higher. The new crystal defense mode is also a good addition.

I highly recommend playing this game. If you like dungeon-crawlers like that of Diablo, then Mythos Global is certainly a decent alternative. To new players, it is never too late to join the fray. There are people and guilds that actively help low level players. To those who have have the urge to go back to the game, the latest patch certainly will give you extra hours of fun and excitement.

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