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N.E.O. Review

NEO is a great MMO RPG that is very similar to World of Warcraft It Uses the best parts of other games and puts them all together to work perfectly. It is awesome with skills and classes set up like Runescape, and how it uses an interface similar to WoW, the only thing I don't like very much is how the guild system is like the one from guild wars, and you have to donate fame. This game is definitely my type of game, besides the fact that the level cap is only 49.

 Character creation

The character creation is is decent besides the fact that you can only choose 1 of 2 sets of clothes, the colors of everything is almost perfect, I say almost because you can not see the eye color very well. You even get to choose your hair color and make it any color, what is better than that?One thing that desribes why I like the creation, classless. You get to use any gear that you want!

Tutorial zone

The tutorial zone is almost perfect besides the fact that it does a bad job of explaining chaos wars. You get to choose which class you want to be here you start out with 4 diff weapons sword, cane, gun, mace you can use any and switch whenever you want in the game. It does a great job of explaining how you use fair-stones to upgrade armor and attack. A funny thing that happened to me was I did not see another player until I was about to leave, it's not that difficult to do alone.


The Questing is great besides the fact that you can only have about 20, and you might get old quests if you pass to the next area. All the quests give you fame, its the only thing that your level doesn't matter, fame is what your guild runs on mainly. The exp is allot better from quests then from killing. I love to get good items from quests besides the long quests. There is about 3-4 long quests, one of them is collecting carrots and you will collect 2 in killing 50 people, you need 100.


I love this guild system after you get the guild to level 2. You start out with a capacity of 10 members, and you need 500 fame to get to level 2. This can take time unless you have willing members, if not you will end up putting the most in. The guild system is great for getting help and keeping track of friends. My girlfriend is even in my guild so we try to be the highest levels in the guild.


I like this game besides the amount of people, It has a decent amount but I like to see players everywhere. I love how much customization there is for your character you can eve change your clothes color. I also like how friendly the other players are the 49's even run dungeons free. I love how much money you can make from fishing and mining. A bad thing is that not everyone uses the AH, so you will not find everything you are looking for there, you need to yell out what you need. There is pretty fast help too if you ask a question. One of the best free RPGs I haver played. There is even titles you can get and be the only one in your realm to have. You can have girlfriends in (in game) and get them gifts, and do things together.


The chaos wars do t go on enough and you might never get in one until you are level 49. The grade store feature should only cost extra money instead of taking a access card for each purchase, or they could let you buy a unlimited grade store access card. There are some quests that require you to have 20 fame, but these quests take verry long to complete because the items you need have very slim drop rates, the drop rate on the Talking horse's quest for collecting 100 carrots should be increased, you basiccally have to kill thousands to finish this quest at the moment. The gear you guy with astros is overpriced, and you should be able to buy a pet without astros.

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