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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday:December 01,1985
  • Location: Canada
Favourite Game Type:
2D 3D Role-Playing Strategy Casual Shooting Action Fantasy Music Fighting Puzzle
Favourite Game Class: Healer Blacksmith
Like most in games: Kill BOSS to get rare items


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Beta testing / Gamer Blog / Life.

Diary Of A Gamer

 Gonna write a blog about gaming and such. 

Currently Playing :

Black Ops, Metal Assault, Minecraft and Dragon Saga.

Black Ops.

I play Black Ops. every now and then mostly on hardcore servers, i don't know why, i like normal better, i'm better at it :P.

Little rant of the week : people keep whining about campers, of course people are camping, it's a tactical shooter.


Metal Assault

Was in closed beta, was fun. The only thing i can say is that the game has really bad netcode, laggers ruin any enjoyable games you can have, the missions are kinda stale, nothing like Metal Slug. It's a shame. If it weren't for lag, this game would've been better.



Have been having fun with this, a bunch of friends and i started a server and been having fun. Had fun with TNT all week, managed to crash the server a few times, i guess 500 / 600 TnT does that. 


Dragon Saga

It's been fun and all, i've been letting it go thought, it's repetitive and obviousl

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