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Warlords of Draenor will bring a lot new user interface improvement, from improved quest tracking to a better inventory system and new ways to store your heirlooms

Quest Log Updates

The quest log will be organized to show which quests belong to the main-story-arc quests and which are side quests, so that players don't have to worry about missing important story elements before moving to another area.

Inventory System

A number of tweaks is made here. Quest items will no longer occupy space, and will be moved to the Quest UI. You will be able to designate a certain bag for certain items, for example armor, consumables, trade goods etc. So-called Collections enable the search and tracking of heirlooms and toys. Crafting is now available from within the bank. There is no need to withdraw the items to your inventory in order to craft enchants, glyphs etc.


Heirlooms will now be cross-realm and account-bound. All characters on your account (even the once you create) will have the ability to summon heirlooms that will be unlocked, straight to their inventory!

Toy Box // Vanity Items

Toys can now be collected and stored in a separate spellbook that will free up a lot of inventory space. You can now collect as many toys as you wish, without having to delete them when your inventory's full (eventually regreting it later).

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