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Let's make some gold! Here's another gold making guide from my series. You will need just Enchanting and it requires a little research. The guide uses simple AH flipping. You buy a cheap item, disenchant it and resell the items (shards, crystals, dust) you get from them. The guide will teach you how to find items for targeted disenchanting.

The Actual Guide

1. You will need Enchanting, at least 600/600 to make the most profit. This guide is intended if you only have several thousand gold at your disposal and want to quickly duplicate the cash.

2. Depending on your realm, visit the Undermine Journal. This website is absolutely the best and saves a lot of time.

3. I'll be using an example to explain the guide. So let's say I'm from Moon Guard.

4. Next when you choose your realm, on the right side there's a professions panel. I pick Enchanting.

5. We're interested in three columns: Dust, Essences, Shards & Crystals

A) Dust

Hypnotic Dust seems to be profitable. That's why I'm going to search for green cheap items on the Auction House and buy all of them. This table tells me there are only 75 pieces left. People buy mats off the Auction House frequently, because of profession switching and/or leveling. The Disenchanting Table tells me the following relevant information:

1. I will get 1 - 3x Hypnotic Dust from item levels 272 - 305.

2. I will get 2 - 5x Hypnotic Dust from item levels 305 - 333.

That's how I set my filters. TSM allows item level filtering. If you're not using TSM definitely download it. Otherwise, Hypnotic Dust is from Cataclysm, that's why it's best to search for uncommon green armor items of a required level 81 - 85. Buying all green items of 305+ item level under 57 gold will always YIELD PROFIT, BECAUSE YOU ARE GUARANTEED AT LEAST 2x Hypnotic Dust which sells for 25,61 Gold / piece at the moment.

B) Essence

Essences aren't really profitable for now that's why we aren't interested. They are a nice side profit when we disenchant greens.

C) Shard

Blue items are sometimes more expensive and the most profit will be gained from dust, sometimes it happens though, that shard prices go dramatically up as we can see here. Large Brilliant Shards are more expensive than Legion's current - Leylight Shards. Again, use disenchanting tables. Rare items of levels 55 - 65 will all yield a Large Brilliant Shard.

D) Crystal

It's somewhat problematic to profit with crystals, because epics cost way more than their disenchanting value. What I love doing though are transmong and mount runs, you know,your weekly ICC run for Invincible, Kael'thas for Ashes or Alysrazor. Items I don't need get disenchanted and mats are sold on the Auction House. You can do the same thing.

Targeted Disenchanting With Disenchanting Tables

To know exactly the item specifics (item level, required level) to get the items you're going to sell (essences, shards, crystals and dust), please refer to the following website. It allows you to set up Auction House filters for mass-buying of items. This way, you will exactly know that item X will give you a dust X which is essential, because you wan to make not lose gold.

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