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The invasion events leading up to the release of the Legion expansion have hit Stage 2. What does it mean? What's new?

1. Invasions are now more frequent. Three are up most of the time (up from 2). This means more loot, faster gearing, leveling and more Nether Shards!

2. Items rewarded through the Legion boxes (the two you get by completing an invasion) now have a chance to be Warforged with an item level of 710. (Most of the items will still have an item level of 700).

3. A new quest line involving the Dalaran's relocation, Karazhan, the Council of Six, Magni Bronzebeard and Ulduar became available.

Most of the quest line revolves around the relocation of Dalaran. It's located just above Karazhan. Khadgar wants the Kirin Tor to allow the Horde to return to Dalaran. While most of the Council's majority agrees, Jaina is still furious about Therefore. You'll see Magni Bronzebeard awaken and join him in Ulduar's Celestial Planetarium where the Legion forces hold him hostage. You'll also visit Karazhan's library where you search for a long-forgotten Medivh's tome about the world pillars.

Invasion Leveling

Meanwhile, fine-tuning with plenty of class changes is taking place. Last but not least, the XP Gain from invasions has been vastly increased and now, they are an awesome source of XP for leveling. Just don't forget to leave at least some boxes unopened so that you directly loot item level 700 gear at 100, instead of item level 463 you get when you open the box at Level 90. Keep in mind the leveling stacks with all the different +%XP bonuses such as Heirlooms, Rested Buff and Recruit-a-Friend! It's the best time to level up a Hero to 100 if you're tired of questing and other means of leveling! It's better to have a flying mount though, because you at least can easily reach the invasion area.

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