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The in-game Auction House could really use an overhaul. When you search for auctions, you can't even list them according to their current pricing, only bids. Filters are somewhat weird working if you try to search let's say for an item of rare quality with an item level of 780+, you'll get all results displayed even green and purple items. Now i'd like to talk about two alternatives to the in-game armory. First is the Mobile Armory app which has a much smoother interface than the in-game Auction House, it's snappy and fast and the best thing is search filters actually work accurately.

Mobile Armory Interface

Look how smooth the Mobile Armory interface is. It's really a pity that you're auctions are capped so you are limited to perform XX auctions a day and this cooldown resets on 3AM.

Download Links

Below are download links for the mobile app for both platforms, you should get redirected to your respective AppStore upon clicking.

[Android - Google Play Store] // [iOS - AppStore]

Web Auction House

Almost nobody knows about this feature. Actually the Armory on Battle.net's website offers a mobile auction house and here's how you access it:

1. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/REALM/NAME/simple

2. Replace REALM with your realm name and NAME with your character's name.

3. Once you find your character, it's time to log in, because the Auction House requires that.

4. You'll see the function appear on the left as indicated in the screenshot below.

5. Click Auctions and you'll find the Web Auction House. It can be easily accessed on the go and is far more battery efficient than the app. Here are some samples of the interface. You can search, buy, list auctions or cancel anytime.


This is the buying interface. It allows you to look up any item that's currently listed on the auction house with the possibility to filter specific quality, item level and category.


The selling interface is similar, it shows you similar auctions to the item you're willing to sell and adjusts the price to match the lowest current price for your item automatically. If an auction expires, it allows you to relist it with just one click.

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