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Weapon Enchants are one of the most sought goods when it comes to transmogs. What Blizzard has done in WoW Legion is Enchanters can now create tomes which teach illusions (weapon enchanting visuals) from past expansions. This way, it's easy to acquire the visuals and it gives Enchanters another means of gold making. We'll talk about all the different tomes you can craft as an Enchanter and what's needed for crafting, next we'll be evaluating the craft/profit ratio to tell how to determine whether a specific tome is more profitable than the other one.

Visit Your Enchanting Trainer!

Most of the new tomes only require a certain skill of Enchanting. Some require reputation. Those listed below only have a skill requirement.

1. Tome of Illusions: Azeroth (Requires 275 Enchanting)

2. Tome of Illusions: Outland (Requires 350 Enchanting)

3. Tome of Illusions: Northrend (Requires 425 Enchanting)

4. Tome of Illusions: Cataclysm (Requires 500 Enchanting)

5. Tome of Illusions: Pandora (Requires 575 Enchanting)

Tomes Learned Via Other Means

1. Tome of Illusions: Draenor is sold for 1x Secret of Draenor Enchanting in your Garrison.

2. Tome of Illusions: Elemental Lords - this item is rewarded by Therazane, if you complete the quest Controlling the Elements. Requires Revered with the Therazane.

3. Tome of Illusions: Secrets of the Shado-Pan is sold by the Shado-Pan Quartermaster at Shado-Pan Garrison in Toweling Steppes and requires Revered reputation with Shado-Pan.

How to Check Prices (Crafting Cost vs. Profit)

1. We're buying all mats from the Auction House, because it's the fastest way to make profit with the least effort.

2. To check out exactly how much the crafting cost of a Tome is there are several tools at your disposal. You can either download TradeSkillMaster and their desktop app, or you can simply use third-party websites, such as TheUnderMineJournal that collect these data periodically.

3. To set an example, visit The Undermine Journal, select your Region and server afterward. Let's say I'm from Moon Guard and I'd like to check my realm's prices for The Illusion Tome: Pandaria. In the end, you should find yourself visiting this link. To achieve the same results, you may use WoWUction which is a very valuable alternative.

4. I prefer using TradeSkillMaster, because I don't need to open my web browser while I'm in game.

5. With the TSM Desktop app opened in background while running WoW, you don't need to re-scan the auction house all the time. It gives you accurate and the most up-to-date tooltips. Here's an example right from within the profession tab. I'm using the shirt as a placeholder, you want the tome illusions there. You get the values by hovering over the item in your Enchanting.

Here you see a White Linen Shirt. The crafting cost of the shirt (the amount of gold you pay for the standalone mats) is 60 Silver & 86 Copper. Below that you have all the components required to craft this item. The profit next to the Crafting Cost is the price the crafted item sells for at the moment, which is 3,39 Gold.

6. The amount of gold you make per item is profit subtracted by the crafting cost which is 2,79 Gold per shirt sold. Same applies to every item you craft and want to sell for profit; with tomes there are profits in thousands of gold, most items cost like 700 Gold to make and sell from anywhere between 2,9K up to 8K.

7. While this step is optional, it can maximize your profit. Check websites for the most sold illusion. For example I see that Pandora was sold 12 times on Sunday, Cataclysm has been sold 14 times and Draenor only 9 times. This tells me people are going more for the Cataclysm tome, so if I craft it there is a higher selling probability. Pretty common sense.

Selling Tips

1. Be patient. I can't stress this out enough. A good seller has hundreds of Auctions and doesn't care if a single Auction is bought within hours.

2. Download WoWArmory app to your Android device or iPhone. It allows you to resist Auctions on the go, because you will find yourself being undercut frequently.

3. Don't be that guy who posts an item far below average price. You're only hurting yourself. An example would be an item is listed for 19K, but you're selling it for 17 or 18K so it sells fast. Always undercut by one copper!

4. If you don't like the Auction House and want to avoid the AH cut, face-to-face trade or CoD is your friend. You may sell the item cheaper this way, because of the AH fees.

Illusion Examples

Tome of Illusions: Northrend contains the following weapon illusions:

1. Berserking

2. Greater Spellpower

This enchant also changes colors to red when near a light source.

3. Icy Chill

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