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Restoration Shamans are one of the most potent raid healers in Legion and they will be a part of every raid composition. They truly shine at healing when groups are clumped up. They also have a lot of damage mitigation spells in their arsenal which trivialize high amounts of incoming damage.

Purpose of This Guide

The main purpose is to explain the usage of abilities, talent picks, gem choice, stat priority and more in a competitive raiding environment. Currently I'm running Mythic dungeons with my shaman and thanks to the experience I've grasped throughout the expansion thus far I'm writing this guide.


Restoration Shamans provide great non-healing utility and are great for healing stacked up players. They have a sustained HPS (Healing Per Second), great damage utilizers, such as Spirit Link Totem.


Restoration Shamans are really bad at healing spread up groups and they don't have any tank cooldowns. It can be said they are mediocre at target and tank healing.

Main Abilities

In this section we'll have a look at all the main abilities a Restoration Shaman has at his disposal regardless of talent picks. The spells below form the Restoration Shaman kit.

1. Chain Heal provides healing to many targets and it should be used whenever you need to heal several targets. It bounces between four players and prefers the most injured targets so it's an intelligent spell and you don't need to care about who you target with the spell.

2. Healing Rain is your AoE heal and should be cast on every cooldown. It heals up to 6 targets and in raid, you shouldn't have problem targeting 6 players due to its large diameter. In dungeons, try to always cast it under melee as well as ranged. I always stand in its range with the melee behind the boss to maximize the spell's potential.

3. Riptide instantly heals for a fair amount and places a HoT (Healing over Time) on the target for the next 18 seconds. It's a fairly mana-efficient spell and it triggers Tidal Waves, which is an absolute must for tank healing.

4. Healing Wave is a mana-efficient healing spell with a slow cast time. The spell should be only cast when you have Tidal Waves up, it's great for sustained healing because of its low mana cost.

5. Healing Surge is basically the same thing as Healing Wave when it comes to numbers, but it is a quick and expensive heal. It's inefficient and you will run out of mana quickly if you will try to spam it. The spell should be used whenever you need to get a target's health up quickly.

6. Healing Stream Totem heals an injured target for 15 seconds. The totem should be up at all times. It does the healing for you.

Tidal Waves

Once you cast Riptide, you will get two stacks of Tidal Waves. This spell empowers your Healing Wave and Healing Surge in the following ways:

1. Healing Wave's cast time is drastically reduced.

2. Th critical strike chance of your next Healing Surge is increased by 52%.


Resto Shamans have several potent cooldowns at their disposal.

1. Spiritwalker's Grace allows shaman to cast while moving during the next 15 seconds. You should cast it whenever movement is required and with said movement you'd lose valuable healing.

2. Spirit Link Totem reduces damage taken by 10% and it redistributes health so that all players standing in its diameter have the same amount of health during its duration. This is one of the strongest mitigation for dealing with massive incoming damage.

3.Healing Tide Totem should be used whenever there's high incoming damage and the cast time of your Chain Heal would mean death of a party member (in dungeons). In raids, use it during heavy bursts of damage.

Talent Build

These are the talents I'm currently using. Here's a direct WoWHead link. Most empower my healing in various ways. During raids some talents may be different such as Level 15 tier where Undulation will be definitely better, but for now, the initial healing of Riptide (running Mythic dungeons) is more important that's why I picked Torrent. Wind Rush Totem provides great utility as anyone who stands within range has his speed increased by 60%. Great for encounters requiring heavy movement for example Odyn in Halls of Valor. Lightning Surge Totem is a must for Mythic dungeons as it stuns targets 5 seconds. Incredibly powerful if your tank pulls too much as you can heal through during the 5 seconds. Crashing Waves is picked to further grant a stack of Tidal Waves, giving us two! A must for single-target healing during dungeons, but picks may vary in a raiding environment. Deluge would definitely be a better pick for raids in Level 60 tier. In Level 90 tier, I can't stress out the importance of Echo of the ElementsIt's great when Riptide, Healing Stream Totem and Lava Burst have two charges. It makes healing so much easier in dungeons. For raids I'd pick Cloudburst Totem which provides more utility during heavy burst damage phases. High Tide empowers Chain Heal. I prefer this pick to Ascendance because of its long cooldown.

Stat Priority

For Restoration Shamans the following stat priority should be followed:


Gems, Flasks & Enchants

1. Always use 1x Saber's Eye of Intellect (it's unique, you can't use more) in one slot and Masterful Shadowruby in all other slots. In Legion all sockets are prismatic so you can place any color in the socket.

2. Flask of the Whispered Pact is your Legion flask you will be using. Most important potions are a combination of Potion of Deadly Grace and Leytorrent Potion. Food that should be used is Nightborne Delicacy Platter (adds +375 Mastery).

There are no weapon enchants in Legion, you can only enchant your neck, back and rings.

1. Neck > Enchant Neck - Mark of the Claw

2. Back > Enchant Cloak - Binding of Intellect

3. Rings > Enchant Ring - Binding of Mastery

Guide feedback is welcome in the comment section below!

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