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Today's World of Warcraft news round-up features updated models for Greymane, Varian Wrynn a new Trike mount and the Feral Druid specialization preview from FinalBoss.

Model Updates

Genn Greymane, the King of Worgen along with Varian Wrynn are getting model updates in the latest Legion Build.

Genn Greymane

Genn's Worgen form is getting a neat update.

Varian Wrynn

The fate of Wrynn is probably sealed in Legion and (continue reading at your own risk) he will most likely die as indicated in various Legion spoilers.

Vicious War Trike Mount

A new mount was added in the latest build, The mount is sold for a Vicious Saddle. The item is rewarded to those who Win 100 Arena (3v3) or 40 Rated Battlegrounds in the latest PvP Season.

Mount animations are also available in the video below.

FinalBoss - Feral Druid Review

FinalBoss is back with a second round of specialization previews, this time featuring the Feral Druid.

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