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In Legion, the World of Warcraft developer team has been experimenting with Max Camera Distance. Since forever, players have been using a macro to unlock max camera distance but now it has been reduced by almost a half.

Watcher explained the changes behind this that it's an unpopular function that most never used. Really? He argued with this screenshot, a pity though it only shows a blank landscape with no objects and NPCs to compare it with.

What does it mean for players?

Imagine big boss encounters, where bosses have huge models and their mechanics happen far away from them. This change will hit melee players really hard. If you take Archimonde as an example his mechanics happen a lot of yards away from the melee and you will have a hard time finding and locating your character among all melees, hunter pets and so on. While playing a melee it's also not too attractive to look at his hooves while you stand in fire beneath him. Healers and ranged classes with still see everything, while melees won't see anything what's happening in front of or behind the boss. Some bosses simply require a zoom out. Take Durumu's maze as an example.


The most negatively affected classes by this change are melee (warriors, rogues, enhancement shamans, monks and so on).

Comparing the old vs new view distance

While Watcher's screenshot isn't the prime example of what we should expect, below I've added a few pictures that show why the view distance should be put to its original state. The first picture is always the Legion Beta zoom while the second one is the live view distance.

Orgrimmar Building

Fel Reaver in Hellfire Peninsula

Imagine a big boss encounter in a raid!

Thrallmar - Hellfire Peninsula

Gnome Problems!

Poor gnomes can't even see the face of their quest givers talking to them! Let's stop this discrimination!

Even dismounting doesn't work for our little friends! Here's the original view distance. So exactly how does the view distance reduction benefit the game design?

I totally agree that you will enjoy more art, but halving the distance is too much, maybe if you'd take 1/3 away that would do. Do you think players will have issues in raid environments due to this? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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