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After having leveled several characters to Level 110, it's time for a Legion review! I'll be going over multiple aspects of the game.

Leveling / Scaling

You may level wherever you wish, regardless of your level. This is an awesome aspect which hasn't been yet introduced to the game. It is all up to you, which zone you'd like to quest in. Everything scales with your current level meaning if you're Level 102, all mobs in your area will be Level 101 and have their Health and damage output and quest rewards including quest experience adjusted to your current level. That's why you'll see random levels scattered across all Broken Isles.

Mob Tagging

There has been a recent change implemented that makes mob tagging far more prominent than ever before. Up to 5 players can now tag you mob. That's the very reason why you should definitely attack a dying mob even if you didn't attack it first. You will receive credit towards kills and even loot. So tag everything you see!

WoW Meets Diablo

Several Diablo aspects have been added to the game in Legion. The first one are random item level items. As in Diablo you get items of different quality, random stats. in Legion, your items from various sources have a chance to be empowered. During questing, there's a chance you will get an rare > epic item upgrade, crafted items can be upgraded via an item called Obliterum from item level 815 up to 850. All dungeon drops have a chance to be Warforged +5 item levels or Titanforged +10 item levels. These were just items!


We've got Horadric caches or "Bounties" in Diablo 3. Guess what?

The same has come to Legion. Instead of being called like that, they're called World Quests and are unlocked upon reaching Friendly reputation with all factions on the Broken Isles (also requires Suramar thus you need to be Level 110 before you engage in the quests). While some quests can easily be soloed some require groups, mainly Wanted quests. The quests offer a wide variety of rewards. You can see them indicated on the World Map. Similar to Horadric caches you get when completing all bounties in a certain Act, you will get a bag once you complete all World Quests of a certain faction. These bags often reward only Order resources, but also have a chance to yield a Legendary.

The World Quests are a replacement for dailies. They offer neat rewards and reputation for the selected faction which is important if you're planning to gear up for raids.

Leveling Experience With Boosted Character!

With a boosted character, you're starting experience on Broken Isles will be horrible, just don't worry. The items you get while boosting your character are only of an item level 640. Items you could obtain from the invasion were of item level 700 with a chance to be Warforged (710). This makes a noticeable difference when heading to Broken Isles for your journey. I got killed several times during a simple quest. I pulled one mob at a time, yet some spots are so overcrowded with NPCs that I pulled two almost all the time and I got killed lots which got me confused as I wanted to punch the computer. Be patient and complete quests is all I have to say. As you start upgrading your crappy 640 item levels with 685s, you will see a noticeable difference in leveling and soon you'll be able to mass pull mobs without being owned. All should settle down at around Level 101 once you have 685 in every slot (even a higher item level in some slots) where the Health adjusts.

Overall I must say Legion is a lot better than Warlords of Draenor in terms of content so far. Everything is more random, Legendaries are basically World Drops, what I didn't like though was the lore so far, but that can easily chance through the course of the expansion. How do you like Legion thus far? Please share your comments!

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