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Hi everybody, today we're going to be looking at the newest class the Demon Hunter and his Havoc (DPS) spec. To begin with, here are the build's talents.

Skill Introductons

Havoc is Demon Hunter's damage dealing specialization. Your main resource is Fury and your spenders are Chaos Strike, Blade Dance and more. Critical from Chaos Strike return half of their Fury cost adding a dynamic aspect to your spender casts. Eye Beam Nisan AoE rust spell on a moderate cool down, which costs Fury and deals high Chaos damage to targets in your frontal cone. Fel Rush and Vengeful Retreat make combat more interesting bringing a lot of mobility to the table. Metamorphosis is a strong burst cool down that augments your Fury spenders and gives you +25% additional haste.

Class Strengths

Demon Hunters have consistent single target damage output, flexible mobility allowing fast reaction times and great positioning control during encounters. They are good at target switching without damage loss and have different cooldowns for a wide array of situations.

Class Weaknesses

To fuel their inconsistent burst the class is heavily reliant on Critical Strike. Their AoE (Eye Beam) is on a moderate cooldown which hurts their sustained damage even further. The optimal talent picks rely on using mobility abilities (Vengeful Retreat / Fel Rush) offensively which can negatively impact your survivability.

Stat Priority

Stat Priority is as follows: Agility > Critical Strike > Versatility > Haste > Mastery

Spell Rotation

The single damage output revolves around generating enough Fury and hitting with your spender Chaos Strike. Beyond this, depending on your talent picks, other spells enter the rotation.

1. Cast Vengeful Retreat and Prepared (it's taken) as soon as you have 20 or less Fury from your cap to trigger Momentum.

2. Cast Fel Rush with Fel Mastery as long as you are 30 Fury or lower from your cap or about to hit 2 charges to trigger Momentum.

3. Cast Fury of the Illidari, synchronized wit Momentum if taken.

4. Cast Eye Beam on every cool down to trigger Demonic if taken.

5. Cast Fel Eruption if taken.

6. Cast Throw Glaive with Bloodless taken, synchronize it with Momentum.

7. Cast Blade Dance / Death Sweep with First Blood taken, try to sync it with Momentum.

8. Cast Felled when you are 30 or less Fury lower from your cap.

9. Cast Fel Barrage with 5 charges, sync it with Momentum.

10. Cast Annihilation when you're 30 Fury away from your cap.

11. Cast Eye Bean if you have the Anguish of the Deceiver trait.

12. Cast Chaos Strike when you're 30 or less Fury away from your cap.

13. Cast Fell Barage at 4 charges.

14. Cast Demon's Bite to generateFury without Demon Blades selected.

15. Cast Throw Glaive if you're out of range from other targets or during empty globals to deal AoE damage when Eye Beam's on cool down.

16. Cast Fel Rush to generate Fury and / or to engage, escape or re-engage.

Your standard rotation would look like this:

Cast Fel Rush to engage, Cast it a second time with Fel Mastery (without Momentum). Build Fury up to 20 off your cap with Demon's Bite. Cast Vengeful Retreat if Prepared or Momentum are taken. Cast Metamorphosis, Chaos Blades, Annihilation and continue with single target rotation. For AoE, add Eye Beam to the rotation.

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