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Mythic difficulty of Emerald Nightmare was unlocked Tuesday. Since then, European and American guilds have started the race to be the first to kill Xavius on Mythic difficulty. The race is finally over and here are the the top three guilds in their respective regions.


1. Exorsus - a Russian guild is the first guild to clear in the world to clear Mythic Emerald Nightmare. Congratulations!

2. Method is the second European guild that banished Xavius out of the Emerald Dream. Second place worldwide! Good game! 

3. Serenity is the last European guild to clear the Emerald Nightmare on Mythic. Unfortunately, there's no kill screenshot yet. Congratulations as well for world third place!

All three European guilds above are not only first guilds in Europe to down Mythic, but at the same time top three in the world.

The Americas

Guilds in the American region haven't even cleared the raid yet. Guilds that are closest to the achievement are only 5/7 with Mythic Cenarius & Mythic Xavius left. It seems to be a really close battle between Limit, Midwinter & Easy. All three guilds have claimed world firsts, which is interesting.

1. Limit (Illidan) were the second guild in the world to down Dragons of the Nightmare on Mythic. A few hours ago, they killed the eye boss, which got them a world 7. They are the top guild on Illidan-US at the moment. They're guild website isn't really updated with the news, let's see if they get it. Currently in global, they are Rank 7.

2. Midwinter (Sargeras) are only very close behind Limit. They've managed to get two world firsts, for Dragons of the Nightmare & Ursoc. They eye boss got killed after Limit; world 8th kill.

3. Easy (Aerie Park) has two world firsts. Elerethe Referral & Nythendra on Mythic. The eye boss kill got them a world 9.

Race Progress

To further monitor the race progress, here are global rankings, European rankings and Americas. NA will be interesting to watch! 

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