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As you may already be aware, Blizzard has announced their plan to shutdown both the Real Money / Gold Auction House earlier this week. They even released a video featuring developers, providing more insight for their decisions.

March, 18, 2014 is the date the shut down will occur, giving players more than plenty of time to get rid of items they want to sell. Yet the question still remains: WHY?

Potential reasons for the RMAH removal could vary. I'll try to explain a few of them. Let's face it! We all hate the terrible RNG in Diablo 3. You farm countless hours for a certain legendary drop and all you get is a legendary with useless stats for your class. With the development of the Reaper of Souls expansion, Blizzard has promised a total overhaul of the loot system, what they refer to now as Loot 2.0. The loot system should be more personalised. The RNG system really needs to go, people are still confused about items. I for instance, have no problems filtering an item that is put on the AH for almost nothing and eventually reselling it for any price I wish, because the seller doesn't really know its value. I have made several hundreds of millions within a few days just by selling and re-listing items on the Auction House!

Somebody who has tons of gold, can buy any item they wish, without having to farm a single minute. This drives a lot of players crazy; as they fixate the game as an eternal-grind rather than having fun playing it, cumulating in abandoning overall gameplay.

The second reason are definitely botters that cause immense inflation to-date and that have been destroying Diablo's economy since its launch. Assuming you farm by hand, countless instances a day, items still cost silly numbers of gold- usually billions of gold all thanks to fellow bothers, which make gold value near to useless. In the end, this results to even more farming! I mean sure, inflation by botters is a major problem in many games, but now I'm talking about Diablo. 

Do you think the AH's removal will make players return to the game or has the faith of Diablo 3 been set in stone since it's release?

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