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After London's premiere of the Warcraft Movie, some websites were able to interview Duncan Jones, who was for the whole time, in charge of the whole movie. We get to know some interesting details. For example, the film had to meet not only the expectations of fans / players, but also appeal to people beyond the fanbase. The cut of the movie is very aggressive to keep the story moving. If there are more films in the future (Warcraft II & Warcraft III) he would like to direct these movies then and pass the torch to someone else afterwards and enjoy the movie's continuation as a fan. Thrall would be an interesting lore character to focus on in the next movies. By the end of the third movie, Orcs would hopefully have a new home. One of the biggest issues of the film was the production length, it took 3 and a half years, much longer than any movie Duncan has ever worked on. There is enough footage to do an extended version of the movie should the demand arise.

Duncan Jones Interview

Here's the full interview featuring Duncan Jones.

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