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The ongoing issue that continually thwarts console gameplay are cheaters with modded items. Blizzard has done zero effort to counter it.

Why aren't Seasons on Consoles?

If you ever wondered why Seasons aren't on consoles, the problem is on Blizzard's end. Basically there are vast differences underlying the PC/Mac version of the game in comparison with consoles. I'll try to explain what I mean


On PC/Mac versions, saved games are stored on Blizzard servers. On consoles they are stored directly on the console so they can be easily modified to allow exploiting.


On PC/Mac platforms, there is no offline single-player meaning you need an active internet connection regardless of whether you play alone or in a group, because map / mob generation is server-side whereas on consoles, you are able to play offline during single player.

Modded Items & Saves

Items can be modded by modifying the Console save file. With this method, you can create your own items with powerful affixes such as +1,000,000,000 XP / Monster kill and many others as indicated in the below screenshot.

Vicious Console Players

The worst thing is if you want to play Diablo III on consoles without being grouped with cheaters, your only bet is to either play with a group of friends or simply play alone, which is really limiting in terms of gameplay. Many players are left frustrated when they join a group which has a cheater with modded items. Suddenly, you start seeing your Paragon levels skyrocket due to the shared XP pool and by the end of the rift, you're Paragon 700. Is this the gameplay players want? Such Hero is then saved and you can't rollback without deleting your Heroes (the Paragon levels will stay as the level is shared between Softcore / Hardcore modes).

Possible Solutions?

A working solution would be to implement easy sanity checks once a player is joining a Group for online play which would prevent them from joining the group if they had a modded item on. This shouldn't be to hard as modded items oftentimes seemingly exceed the allowed stat ceilings.

Why isn't Blizzard solving this issue as it's plaguing consoles since D3 start? How are you console players coping with the issue?

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