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Blizzard has prepared a preview of the upcoming raid.

Right before holidays, a Blizzard employee has posted a screenshot of what appears to be the new raid instance on his Twitter.

The new Patch 5.2 will go by the name The Thunder King is Risen. So far, we know very little about the raid itself, but here's a compilation of information we safely know as of yet:

>> The new raid name is Throne of Thunder.

>> Throne of Thunder will be a troll raid, with up to twelve bosses.

>> Those who defeat the twelfth boss on heroic difficulty will get to face the 13th foe.

>> A brand new faction called Shado-pan Assault will been added. You can earn reputation with them only within Throne of Thunder Raid in order to unlock powerful valor rewards.

>> Raid Finder will be divided into four different wings (three bosses/wing)

The Bosses: Please note that these models have been datamined and are subject to change at any given time during the testing.

Jin'rokh the Breaker - formerly a Zul'Gurub NPC - we have no idea about the new model, but he looked like this:

Horridon and the Wargod Jalaak

Council of Elders comprised of Malaak the Frost Troll King, Kazra'jin, Sul and Mar'li (Zandalari Spider Priestess)


Megaera - a multiheaded hydra boss with several heads:


Durumu the Forgotten


Dark Animus

Iron Quon

Twin Consort

Lei Shen - the Thunder King himself

Ra-Den - the thirteenth boss (exclusive to heroic difficulty) - no information yet.

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