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Jeff Kaplan was talking on vlog about the upcoming competitive playmode. Here are the main highlights of his developer update

Competitive Play

1. Competitive gameplay has been built around community feedback from beta stage of Overwatch.

2. The initial feedback during beta was that it didn't feel competitive enough. Players wanted to see how they rank against others.

3. Similar to Heroes of the Storm and Diablo 3, Seasons are going to be 3 months logs, based off northern hemisphere seasons in the real world, the first one will be Summer.

4. Changes have been deployed to reduce games going into sudden death too often (approximately 35% of the time). On another note, Sudden death will be played on the same map as the one it occured on.

5. Assault Maps will last longer, which increases chances for back and forth, details about this to be announced soon.

6. There will be no tiers for ranking, a player's internal MMR will be correlated to an external Skill Rating, which will be a number between 1 & 100. You will be able to see everyone's Skill Rating on your team. An average (for both teams) will be displayed.

7. Not every match will be entirely fair (matchmaking issues?), but if you're losing to often, you will be awarded more for a win and lose less for a loss.

8. For transparency, you will see everyone who's partied on teams (similar to Heroes of the Storm, where you see partied players on the loading screen).

9. The entire system will be improved, based on further community feedback (forums, reddit and so on.

Competitive Rewards

1. The system will reward cosmetics, there will be no power gain rewards.

2. Unique player icons and sprays will be only available through Seasons.

3. A new golden gun system will be added to further customize characters. High skill players will be able to obtain them faster.


1. New maps will be added later this year.

2. Spectator Mode will be improved for broadcasting!

Below, you'll find the whole video.

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