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It's disappointing to see the quality of Tier sets going downhill since Tier 6. From now on, if you'd like to have a decent looking set, it looks like you will have to pay for it. Three animated head slot items will be added to the store in the near future. They have no restriction and can be applied regardless of class/race. They are account-wide and can be sent to alts.

Here are the models of the helm slots combined with other gear:

Oh look the new Lich King! Would prolly go good together with the Mage Naxx gear.

Warlock Horns

The screenshots are really no good representations of the helmets, as they are heavily animated, it's better to view the following video:

TCG Items that will be added to the store are those that have limited amount of uses.

Seesaw / a big ogre will launch you in the air.

Iron Hitching Post will transform all mounts of you & your friends into Steel Warhorses for a limited time.

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