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The untextured Swift Windsteed model, has finally received its model. Perhaps it is not in the game files yet, but Blizzard has posted a screenshot on their Facebook fan page, with the comment: "Across the land or in the sky, the Swift Windsteed can soon be your ride".

indicating that this will most likely become another account-wide mount purchasable in the Blizzard Store. The price should be $25 as by every other mount (see Heart of Aspects, etc.).

Swift Windsteed

It's sad that in order to see proper mount models, you need to spend more real money on it. There are plenty of mounts that are just various recolors of re-used models. This mount has a "unique cloud" around his feed as it seems he rides on a cloud.

It will as usual serve as both ground & flying mount depending on your riding skill and/or location.

Cinder Kitten

This cute fire cat model is around for a while, and it is rumored to be a purchasable pet in the Blizzard Store.

Both of these will be released either in a patch before the official release of Patch 5.1, but as this patch doesn't introduce any raids and Blizzard's intention was to release more patches with lesser content more frequently, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw an early deployment of Patch 5.1 on live realms very soon.

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