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FinalBoss is back with yet another pass, this time previewing Assassination rogue in World of Warcraft's latest expansion, the Legion.

One of the favorite tools of the assassin is a pair of daggers coated with vicious poisons. The damage they inflict is deceiving at first—the initial wounds often seem survivable, even superficial. Then the toxins set about their *****. Wounds don’t close, and blood loss continues unabated. Assassins begin their work stealthily, choosing their targets and methods of engagement carefully—but once committed to a course of action, they stick to their target until the job is done rather than disappearing into the shadows to avoid their quarry’s blows.

There is no spec that describes rogues better than Assassination. Careful target picking and unleashing maximum damage.

In Legion, this is the only spec with access to poisons and bleeds. Venomous Woulds accentuate rogues gameplay, building up combo for maximum damage! The video above features animations, talents and more.

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