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This article is a follow up of an article I wrote earlier about the In-game Store introduced with Patch 5.4.

With the introduction of an in-game store, World of Warcraft enters the MMORPG Pay-to-Win status. So far, Blizzard Store only offered mounts & pets which were only cosmetics, but now it will offer items, such as an elixir that grants +100% XP boost and (Update!) Lesser Charms of Good Fortune (Currency received from finishing daily quests). At first, the store would be introduced in the Asian regions, at the outset; other regions would follow shortly after.

CM Bashiok replied a day ago to this thread (144 pages long as we speak) that Blizzard is very early in the exploration process. For players who are already interested the in-game items that it will offer, such as Pet Store pets and mounts, the benefits of an in-game store are pretty clear. Blizzard thinks that every player would appreciate the convenience of being able to make purchases without having to leave the game and that is their long-term goal for the system.

World of Warcraft still remains the most popular MMORPG. Blizzard is really making a lot of money from their subscribers, so they are probably carefully investigating the introduction possibility of a store. Even though the items present in the store on launch will give just a mild advantage now, in the future, they might go even further, selling Valor/Honor Points and/or Normal/Heroic gear for real money. In that case, many people would probably quit the game at once. The subscriber base is full of bad players already, just enter LFR. I can't really think of how the game would look like if it entered the Free-to-Play Status. Monkeys pushing random buttons, anyone? One thing remains certain: Blizzard needs to milk the maximum out of World of Warcraft, since TITAN MMO development has been totally reset.


You will be able to buy Coinbags in the store.

The elixir icon that gives +XP

Misc XP Icon

The store should be online any time now on the Public Test Realms, so we will have a preview about it and its User Interface at a later time.

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