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Balance Update: JUNE 29

Blizzard is releasing a new balance patch this week, bringing buffs to Medivh and Leoric while nerfing Anub'arak.

1. Base Health has been decreased from 2026 to 1926.

2. Health Regeneration was decreased from 4.22 to 4.01 per sec.

These changes are in power due to Anub'arak's Health and Regen being slightly over the top when compared to other tanks.

1. Leoric's "W" (Drain Hope) has its damage and healing increased to 25% of target's max Health.

2. In addition, Healing in Undying was increased to 12.5% of Leoric's max Health.

These changes were vital, since Leoric felt like trash and wasn't really a worth pick as a tank with these changes, he may again be seen in Ranked.

3. Leoric's Level 4 Willing Vessel talent has its healing increased to 30% of Leoric's max Health and the healing in Undying form was increased to 15% of Leoric's max Health.

Last, but not least here's Medivh. While Blizzard is still waiting what competitive teams are able to do with this unique Hero, the developer team gathered enough data and have come up with buffs to Medivh's damage and cast time reductions.

1. Basic Attack damage increased to 80 (from 60).

2,. Attacks per second increased from 1.0 to 1.1.

3. The Movement Speed bonus in Raven Form was increased to 20%.

4. Arcane Rift mana cost was reduced to 50, had its cast decreased to .06 seconds, base damage increased to 200. Mana refund for hitting a Hero increased to 50.

5. Talent changes include the removal of Mana Adept. Ther amount of Heroes hit required to complete the quest for the Master's Touch talent has been decreased to 30. Movement Speed in Raven Form was decreased to 50% (Winds of Celerity talent).

Free Hero Rotation - WEEK OF JUNE 28

The following Heroes have been selected in this week's rotation:

1. Malfurion

2. Valla

3. Anub'arak

4. Uther

5. Azmodan

6. Artanis

7. Arthas (Slot unlocked at Player Level 5)

8. Gazlowe (Player Level 7)

9. Kael'thas (Player Level 10)

10. Nova (Player Level 15)

What Hero are you planning to Level up?

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