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Medivh's release is almost upon us. The newest Heroes of the Storm patch that will go live next week, definitely brings one of the biggest changes yet to Heroes of the Storm. The patch is marked with a new Hero release from the Warcraft universe, but there's more to it! Ranked Play will see a revamp and we'll also witness additional MMR changes that shall improve gameplay, but let's talk Medivh for now.

Medivh, Last Guardian Spotlight

Previewing Medivh's abilities, providing guidance to their usage, that's what spotlights are here for.

Brawl with the Blues - Medivh Edition

With Medivh's release, Blizzard is continuing their Brawl with the Blues series on Friday, June 17th at 11:00 a.m. PDT. Joining for the brawl will be Grubby, TBKzord, Stoten and Sinvicta. Spyrian will be assisting by collecting your questions on Twitter! More details about the event can be found here.

Unranked Draft & Ranked Play Revamp

The newest patch introduces a new Unranked Draft Mode that should fill in the niche between Quick Match and Ranked.

Blizzard even released a Ranked Play Spotlight, showcasing the most vital changes of the forthcoming patch, including Season 1, which starts exactly on release date, an entirely new Grand Master Leaderboards and more!

What do you think about these changes that are coming to Heroes next week? Have you tried to test it out on PTRs? What are your thoughts thus far?

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