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A new week just started in the Nexus and here are the updates that are coming to the Free-to-Play rotations as well as Weekly Sale items.

Free Hero Rotation: June 21 - 28, 2016

The following Heroes are available for gameplay starting today.

1. Raynor

2. Muradin

3. Tyrande

4. Tyrael

5. Valla

6. The Butcher

7. Zagara (Unlocked at Player Level 5)

8. Leoric (Unlocked at Player Level 7)

9. Brightwing (Unlocked at Player Level 12)

10. Chromie (Unlocked at Player Level 15)

Chromie Week

That's right, Chromie is available in this week's rotation for the first time ever, so don't forget to level her up to Level 5, to claim your 500 Gold. In addition, if you're looking for a guide how to Master Chromie, I've put it up here.

Weekly Sales

Items in this week's sales feature the following.

1. Zeratul - can be purchased for 4.99 EUR, 3.69 GBP or $4.99 USD

2. Zerg Hunter Zeratul Skin - can be purchased for 4.99 EUR, 3.69 GBP or $4.99 USD

3. Funny Bunny Murky Skin - can be purchased for 4.99 EUR, 3.69 GBP or $4.99 USD

Which Hero are you looking forward to play the most? I will be definitely playing lots of Chromie, both for joy and the gold reward and I'll likely try out Brightwing because I haven't played him for a longer while.

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