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Less than 48 hours after Season 1 Roll in Heroes of the Storm, we already have first Grand Masters in all regions. Below, you'll find a list of players that earned Grand Master first in their respective region.

First European Grand Master Koszul!

Koszul is the first European player to become Grand Master. He entered the leaderboards with only 23 games played. He mained Nazeebo. There are still no other Grand Masters in Europe for the time being. Currently he has 29 games played and 463 points.

Korea Goes Strong!

Korean player Wiz is already Grand Master in two regions and the first Master in Korea. He went 5-5 after placement matches and 16-4 right after.

Americas Grand Masters

The American region has the most Grand Masters at the moment, the first one named Duckscantfly, who's occupying the first place in the Leaderboards with 66 games played and 42 wins and 1554 points.

Asia - Two Grand Masters!

Asia has two Grand Masters at the moment. The first one being Wiz, who is mentioned above as being Grand Master in two regions already, trying to achieve the same feat in the Korean region. It took him a total of 31 games. He mainly played Warriors and Assassins. The second Grand Master is NacHoJin, who also played 31 games and won 22 out of them, which is one game less than Wiz.

Congratulations to everybody, it's great to see Grand Masters so early after Season rollout!

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