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Alarak is out for a week and it's time to look at the Hero in a more detailed spotlight. This guide serves as an information source for Alarak gameplay. It contains gameplay tips, talent builds, raw data (win chance / popularity) and more useful information.

An Introduction to Alarak

Alarak is a melee assassin from the Starcraft universe. His role is to control the fields of battle by manipulating player positioning to his advantage. While he excels at picking up Heroes, he is a rather weak and unreliable wave/mercenary camp clearer.


According to HotsLogs after one week of Alarak in the Nexus, the Hero's win chance reached only 36.7% and his popularity is at 8%. A total of over 6,300 games was played. Numbers clearly tell use Alarak is a really niche-specific Hero, not designed for random Quick Matches. He requires a high skill ceiling to be efficiently played, but if abilities are succeeded properly the kills are where it gets rewarding!

Alarak Advantages

Alarak is efficient at silencing enemies every eight seconds thanks to his Discord Strike ability. He has great repositioning capabilities granted by his Telekinesis. He's an ultimate tool for setting up enemy takedowns. Deadly Charge allows him to join fights even when he's not present. He has a high skill ceiling, but it's very rewarding when all abilities are executed properly.

Alarak Disadvantages

Alarak is a very bad and inefficient wave clearer as well as mercenary camps clearer. Both these can't be done efficiently and should be immediately picked by other Heroes; Alarak's needed elsewhere! Because of his difficult skill shots, such as Discord Strike's delay make this hero's learning curve difficult and it may take time to master the Hero that's why you shouldn't join Ranked from the get-go so you won't have to worry about your rank.

Abiliies & Usage

1. Sadism (Trait) - Alarak deals 100% increased ability damage to all enemy Heroes. Some of the damage can be traded for more utility via talents.

2. Discord Strike (Q) - This ability is a small triangular-sized skillshot that silences all enemies caught within for 1.5 seconds after a short delay. Use it to silence enemies when setting up kills.

3. Telekinesis (W) - Pushes all enemies and Alarak from point A to point B. If landed, afflicted enemies take damage. This has a wide array of use, you can push enemies in danger or abilities of your other teammates or save yourself from incoming harm.

4. Lightning Surge (E) - Great self-sustain tool for Alarak as this ability deals damage to a target and all enemies between you and your target and heals Alarak for 75% of the damage inflicted. This skill is a follow-up to Discord Strike, but get used to using this ability as needed for self-sustain.

Heroic Abilities

1. Deadly Charge - Allows Alarak to join fights even when he's off-screen. You need to perfectly know when to cast the ability as taking damage will interrupt its channel. This ability can be channeled regardless of where you are and you can join fights to secure advantage.

2. Counter Strike - Makes Alarak invulnerable for 1 second and if an enemy damages Alarak during the second a shockwave will be sent forward dealing damage to all enemies in its path.

Talent Build

Here is a proposed Alarak build and a commentary to it.


Level 1

Self-sustain is really a necessity and reduced mana cost of Lightning Surge not only allows more healing, but also enables more frequent Telekinesis > Deadly Surge combos. This is exactly what Power Conduit does.

Level 4

Double Cross is the pick here. Increased AoE and damage makes Alarak a better team player, while his Sadism (Trait) is kept at maximum.

Level 7

Picking where we left off with our Level 4 choice, finishing the quest will make Alarak's Discord Strike will be transformed into a deadly poke and execution ability.

Level 10

The pick is situational and you should pay attention to what's needed more. At the end of the day, both of your ultimates will deal a lot of damage and besides that, you can get your other Heroic ability at Level 20.

Level 13

Sadism's 100% ceiling will be exceeded with losing allies. Basically, if one or more allies die in a battle, you'll have an enraged Alarak flying across the battlefield, dealing increased damage.

Level 16

Healing bonus of Lightning Surge is further increased and the best thing is it stacks with Pure Malice (Level 13 choice).

Level 20

If you picked Deadly Charge at Level 10, get Counter Strike.

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