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Gul'dan has been added to Heroes of the Storm and it's time to have a more in-depth look at his kit. First let's have a look at his abilities.

Abilities Overview

1. You've got a neat trait called Life Tap, it's known to every warlock player what the ability does. You do not regenerate mana, instead, you sacrifice life for Mana. Avoid using Life Tap when you're Health is low or if you'd put yourself in a situation with risk of dying.

2. Your Drain Life (W) ability has a cooldown and it's most efficient when cast on targets currently affected by CC.

3. Fel Flame (Q) can be used often thanks to its short cooldown. Make sure to use it to burn down enemies or clear enemy minion waves.

4. Corruption (E) is best used on enemies traveling through choke points. A choke point is a narrow passage which is difficult to move through.

Heroic Abilities Overview

1. Horrify (R) should be used to isolate enemies. Try to target it between your team and the enemy target.

2. Rain of Destruction (R) should only be used when you're in a safe spot (behind walls, in bushes), because it makes you vulnerable to an ambush.

General Gul'dan Overview

Gul'dan is a ranged Assassin who's able to deal a ton of close-range damage. His trait combined with Drain Life (W) grants him one of the best self-sustains. The key to Gul'dan's gameplay is to find proper balance between Health and Mana, so you don't end up with full Mana but low Health by lifetapping yourself to death. His damage output is quite high and he may very well be the new Kael'thas.

Role in the Meta

Playing Gul'dan requires excellent positioning given his close cast ranges. Gul'dan's self-sustain remains unmatched among Heroes added thus far, he's a reliable wave-clearer, he's a great melee peeler, we'll eventually see in the upcoming days what his true role is but when in the right hands he can wreak some serious havoc!


1. Fel Flame provides an excellent wave-clear thanks to its short cooldown.

2. Gul'dan's damage output to multiple targets is high.

3. Horrify provides a vital utility (separating enemies) despite its long cooldown.

4. Gul'dan's self-sustain is massive thanks to the synergy of his trait and Drain Life.


1. Requires excellent positioning and a high skill cap due to constant Health / Mana monitoring.

2. Vulnerable to crowd control and burst damage.


1. High DPS / Burst Build [Click here]

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