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It's that time again when Blizzard gives away Free Character Moves. The usual pattern looks like this:

Move From (High Populated Realm) > Move To (Low Populated Realm).

This time, Blizzard has chosen to rather favor Medium Populated Servers, as they realized that only very little people would have motivation to move to a low population realm.

You can move all your characters, free of charge to a realm listed below. Note that this is a one-time, one-way move. Should you wish to move your character elsewhere, you need to purchase a paid transfer service.

Source Realm > Destination Realm

Stormrage > Trollbane

Area 52 > Turalyon

Darkspear > Vashj

Tichondrius > Blackrock

Illidan > Mannoroth

Bleeding Hollow > Korgath

To begin your character move, click here. You need to have a character on one of the source realms to begin the process.

Limitations apply by transferring such as maximum amount of gold allowed etc. For further details about these limitations, please click here to enter the FAQ.

Free Character Transfers will be available until Thursday, July 25.

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