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Blizzard is giving away even more Legion beta keys, so if you're not in yet an additional 2,4K keys is available. The giveaway started today and will last until July 5, 2016.

Wait isn't this a scam?

Absolutely not. This giveaway is organized by Blizzard Entertainment themselves and they even posted an official announcement so you can remain calm.

What do I have to do?

To opt-in, all you have to do is answer two of the following simple questions (click this link).

QUESTION #1: The name of the new continent added in World of Warcraft Legion is the

A) Broken Isles

B) Shattered Isles

C) Fractured Isles

D) Destroyed Isles

The correct answer is obviously A) Broken Isles.

QUESTION #2: What level will freshly-created Demon Hunters start at?

A) 97

B) 98

C) 99

D) 100

The correct answer here is B) 98. Freshly-created Demon Hunters will have their own starting zone and start at Level 98. By the time they leave the introduction area and gain all abilities they will reach Level 100 and be able to directly start the Draenor experience.

You need to additionally add three fields, the first two being your First / Last Name the third field is your Battle.net email address! Good luck!

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