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HotS: Xul Live Tomorrow, In-Game Real Money Price Discounts in Russia

Xul the Necromancer

The balance between good and evil must be maintained, that's why the Diablo II Necromancer is joining the Nexus roster soon!

I. The Hero's joining the Nexus on March 2nd, 2016.

II. The Necromancer's Spotlight can be found here.

III. Xul is a Specialist.

Real Money In-Game Purchase Discounts in Russia

I. Given the economy's current situation in Russia, Blizzard has decided to lower the in-game real money pricess by 30%, reducing a price of a skin which would cost $7 down to $5.


The Original Russian Announcement

Continuing their studies of how different region pricing is affected by economy lead Blizzard to reduce prices in Russia. It's unknown whether this will be only a temporarily move or if the prices will remain reduced indefinitely.

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Death Timer Changes & Stat Adjustments

Blizzard is making changes to Heroes of the Storm by fine tuning certain aspects of the games to get rid of potential snowballing and by making individual players feel stronger with their decision making. The first set of changes are death timers, which were increased, mainly at low levels, up to Level 10.

Death Timer Changes

These changes should give teams more time to finish objectives, because currently it's easy to get back into a fight upon death, especially at low levels.

Death timers from mid to late game remain unchanged. These changes should give players take more advantage of secured takedowns.

Snowball Prevention

Game levels 1-14 had a very large stat difference from one level to the next. Later levels had less of a stat difference and power levels are more noticeable with ta

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Heroes of the Storm Open Beta is Here

Today, Heroes of the Storm enters Open Beta. This means anyone with a registered Battle.net account can simply log in, and they will see the game appear automatically under the Games section, from where it is easy to navigate to the download client section.

There is no difference between release and Open Beta; it is virtually the same, since Blizzard mentioned there will be no wipes, once the game goes live on June, 2. (That's two weeks from now).

If you start playing now, your account/heroes level, gold acquired along with skins and hero purchases will remain as is.

Note that if you are new to the game, you shouldn't be picking Heroes that are too Hard to play. I'd recommend to go for Raynor as he's in this week's free rotation. For the love of god, please do not pick t

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Johanna, Crusader of Zakarum

Blizzard is adding a new Hero to the Heroes of the Storm universe on June 2 along with the game's official launch. Here's some quick information that we know so far, about the newly added Hero. It's from the Diablo universe and its abilities seem to be a bit overpowered when compared to other classes, this is what we know so far.

Please note that any of this abilites or numbers may change at any time, because this is preview of a work in progress.


There have been many women who have borne the name Johanna in service of the crusade, and each has given her life to purify her faith. Johanna carries on their legacy as she searches the kingdom of Khanduras for the fallen star.


A frontline fighter that is resiliend and can make herself immune to enemy crowd control.


[Q] Punish (40 Mana, 8 second cooldown, Area of Effect)

Deals 248 (58 + 10 per level) damage and slow enemies by -0.1*(-100)6% decaying over 2 seconds.

[W] Condemn (50 Mana, 10 second cooldown, Area

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HoTS: New Skins, Mounts and Heroes!

Blizzard's adding new Heroes, Skins and Mounts to the Nexus. The most noticable is the addition of Kael'thas Sunstrider and Johanna. Johanna will be a crusader Hero, based off the Diablo III franchise. Kael'thas is well known to everyone who has been playing Warcraft. Watch the video below, to learn more about the in-development process of new skins, heroes and mounts that will become part of the Nexus soon.

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Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain Coming on April, 2

I already reported about the pre-ordering possibility of the newest adventure added to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Blackrock Mountain. Pre-purchase ends once Blackrock Mountain goes live, keep that in mind!

Short Description of the Blackrock Mountain Adventure

The news is that Blizzard officially announced its launch date. Blackrock Mountain will explode into action on April 2, 2015. It introduces 31 new cards that are too hot to handle, all obtained by emerging victorious in epic battles against some of the mountain's most iconic villains. Throughout the course of this Adventure, you'll harness the power of some of Azeroth's mightienst denizens and unlock powerful synergies through a whole flight of Dragontype minion cards. You'll also get an all-new game board

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Heroes of the Storm: Tomb of the Spider Queen Battleground Introduced!

An entirely new battleground for Heroes of the Storm is being added to the Closed Beta. To read more regarding the battleground's layout and more information, please visit the official Tomb of the Spider Queen Battleground page.

About Tomb of the Spider Queen

This compact, three lane Battleground features a dark and moody interior space where you destroy enemy minions to claim the Spider Gems they drop. Turning in enough of these gems will earn you the favor of the Spider Queen, and she will summon a powerful wave of Webweavers to ally with you and attack your enemies. You drop Spider Gems you're carrying when you die, but while your enemies can't pick them up, savvy opponens may deny your teammates the opportunity of retrieving these valuable riches.

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Heroes of the Storm: Weekly Sales!

Even though Heroes of the Storm's currently in Closed Beta, Blizzard's adding so-called Weekly Sales. Each weekly sale includes deeply discounted real-money prices on individual items for a seven day period, typically beginning and ending on Mondays, at 2:30 p.m. EST at the same time. At that time, items from previous sales will return to their regular prices, and new items will be discounted. Heroes as well as their discounted skins may vary.

February 23 - Match 2 Weekly Sale

Features the following Heroes for discounted prices.

Stitches - Sale Price = $4.24 USD;

Explorer Li Li Skin - Sale Price = $3.74 USD;

Shan'do Illidan Skin - Sale Price = $4.99 USD.

Don't forget to keep an eye on your Battle.net Application's Heroes tab, to catch the latest Weekly Sales , as

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Heroes of the Storm: New Hero - Lost Vikings!

A new patch was deployed on Closed Beta realms with plenty of changes, among which the most interesting one seems to be the new hero introduction.

The Lost Vikings - Main Information:

Interesting is that these are three heroes in one. Olaf - who has a lot of health, regenerates it quickly and charges to slow enemies, Baleog - who deals splash damage to enemies behind his attack target and Erik - who moves faster than other Vikings and has a longer attack range. Each Viking can move and attack separately, and be killed separately, along with individual respawn tmers on death. Use the activated Talent hotkeys "1, 2 and 3" to select and control the Vikings individually or press the "4" key to guide them in a group.

The Lost Vikings are available to purchase for $9.99 or 15,000 gold.


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Heroes of the Storm: Founder's Pack Available!

Blizzard introduced a so called Founder's Pack for Heroes of the Storm. With it, you can purchase Beta access for Heroes, for $39.99/EUR 34.99. Perhaps you think it's not worth it to buy Beta access of an unfinished game. Nah, Blizzard added quite some perks to the Founder's Pack and below, you will find all the things you'll receive:

Three Heroes: Diablo, Raynor, Tyrande

Three Skins: Lurkablo Diablo, Commander Raynor, Blood Elf Tyrande

Epic Mount: Golden Cyber Wolf

In-Game Currency: 2,500 in-game gold

Access to the Nexus - immediate access to Heroes of the Storm, beginning with the closed beta test.

US Purchase / EU Purchase

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