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How to be a Good teammate in MW2 Multiplayer

If any of you play MW2, read this. Its interesting:D

I found this online the other day and credit goes to xxShumaGorathxx for posting it on the IGN website....

1) If you're playing on objective based game, at least make some attempts to capture/protect/etc. the actual objective. I realize that you can hang back with your "elite sniper skillz" and go 10-2, but that doesn't mean squat when we lose in Domination by a score of 200-80.

2) See me in a window scanning a popular pathway? Then get the hell away from me. Trust me, I have that area covered...we don't need two people standing in the same window, looking at the same area. You'll be more productive if you go somewhere else.

*2B) If I'm not already in a window, but just approached it to scan for enemies, DON'T "help" me scan. All that does is draw more attention to our area. I can't tell you how many times I've caught 3 enemies all looking out the same window, saw them first, then got a triple kill because

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The Secret of WoW




If I had a double bacon cheeseburger for every forum post titled "Why do people [still] play World of Warcraft?" then I would have died of a coronary a year before The Burning Crusade went into beta. Now, mostly these posts are from basic internet-level malcontents and trolls, or people who can't grasp the idea of different people having different personal tastes. But I want to take the question seriously for a minute, partly so that you can just drop a link to this article the next time one of those threads appears, but mostly because I think that hopeful MMO game designers might be asking themselves the same thing.

Ten million subscribers. At $15 a month each, that comes to $150 million a month and 1.8 billion a year. If you could capture just one in ten WoW users and get them to jump to your MMO, you'd be a massive success by industry standards. I know you want to. Here is my advice for the next developer who comes along with a head full of ideas and dollar signs in his eyes:

Broad System Requirements

The WoW juggernaut proves that graphics take a backseat to gameplay for most players. Your game doesn't need to look like 8-bit warmed over, but it does need

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Top 7 Games You Either Love or Hate

By Charlie Barratt, GamesRadar US


Like petty school children bickering in a playground fight, gamers are obsessed with choosing sides. Never content to rate a game as simply “above average” or “slightly disappointing,” we allow internet hearsay, magazine previews, fanboy feuds and console preferences to push our views to ridiculous extremes.

We can’t just like something… we have to deem it BEST EVER.
We can’t just dislike something… we have to declare it EPIC FAIL.

The following seven games have divided players more than any other in recent memory. Middle ground exists for all of them, of course, and the majority of us reside there. Unfortunately, the lovers and the haters are so loud, we often forget to listen to anyone else.


What lovers see: A visually stunning, thematically sweeping epic that offers something for everyone. History and science fiction? Check. Stealth, assassination and blood-soaked, action-packed swordplay? Yes. A hero capable of free climbing cathedrals, swan diving off rooftops, stealing horses, interrogating suspects, pick-pocketing strangers and looking ridiculously stylish? Altair, and Assassin&rsquo

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Why I Don't Like Multiplayer Online Gaming

By Joel Durham Jr.

If I get called "faggot" one more time by somebody I don't even know...well, I don't have a decent threat. What can you do?

Online multiplayer is terrific, when enjoyed with friends. When your friends aren't online, when you're up all night due to insomnia and you want to play Quake Liveor Left 4 Deador anything on Xbox Live at 4AM, when you have to play with a batch of strangers, life can really start to suck. Prepare to be randomly, verbally abused for no real reason. Prepare to hear profanity spewed by awkward, adolescent voices. Even if you're not using VOIP, get ready to see hastily typed, or worse, macro recorded insults hurled at you as fast as immature fingers can produce them.

Something about perceived anonymity brings out the worst in some people. I don't want to pigeonhole teenyboppers, as I've met some very nice 12-year-olds, but they seem to be the worst of the lot, at least according to my admittedly unscientific survey. It consists of counting how often the voices—calling me a very, very naughty word—crack as they hurl curses.


I'm not indicting virtually everybody who plays online through matchmakers like GameSpy Arc

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