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As many of you probably do, I have a local Gamestop.  I don't actually buy much in the way of games there, but it's a great place to pick up used titles I never got the chance to grab, and to get information about upcoming titles and releases.  You can think of it as a gamers watering hole of sorts, the place we gather to get information and to sample the latest wares.

Yesterday I frequented my local gamer's watering hole, and did the same thing I do every time I go, asked about the street date for Cataclysm.  Up until this point, whenever I ask the customer service associate behind the counter would invariably smile sheepishly and tell me: I wish I knew.  Not this time, friends.  Nope, my new favorite Gamestop was able to let me know that according to his computer system, Cataclysm will be launching November 1st. 

Now this can't really be confirmed, since street dates shift as the developer narrows down their window. Heck, there are lots of things that could change between now and then that would extend that time frame, but I am betting not.  The beta that I have played has been a joy, through and through.  The bugs have been plentiful, but none of them were related to poor design decisions, only to mistakes in code or something not implemented yet.  The testing has been extremely methodical, tightly controlled, and a joy to participate in.  All of this leads me to believe my local Gamestop gent when he tells me that November 1st I will be standing in line at the local watering hole waiting to pick up my copy of the game.

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