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They often say "art imitates life," and no truer example of this can be found than in the addition of Aluna to the pantheon of Heroes of Newerth. Well, it's more of a case of "art imitating art imitating life," but that's close enough.  

You see, the stunningly beautiful actress Paula Garces recently worked on a comic project entitled Aluna. The main character (conveniently named Aluna) is a shamanistic mage based on Paula herself. Last year while I was busy at Comic-Con covering it for you fine folks, Paula happened to run into the developers over at S2 Games, and that conversation led to something rather unique: The addition of a independent comic book character to an already popular MMO.  

I got the chance to play Aluna at GDC a few weeks ago, and I must say she is pretty fun to play. It doesn't hurt that you get to run around as an incredibly hot mage either. Knowing how the character got into the game in the first place makes her all the more attractive -- pun not intended.  

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