My journey to the World of Xian Xia II (The Mythical Realms II)

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Xian Xia II. One of THE GIANT's title, from what I know, this game is based on the world of Xian Xia novel and film. This game uses HAVOK engine that made everything so beautiful. With the engines power of Physx making the game so good. That applies to clothing, scenes and some interactive contents and including boobies for the fanboys! achieving the best performance possible.  The graphics are its best. Top notched. Character design models are pretty asianic ofcourse. Not so much exaggeration but looks anime-ish... cutie-pies! Character outfits and textures are amazing, pretty good and some........... ridiculous sometimes(talking about NPCs)... Overall, I like the graphics presentation, vivid colours everywhere, maps and places are just like fantasies of China.

The game got almost 8 classes to choose from. Every class has 2 genders in it. Male and Female, with the addition of little characters. Adult type and teen type (well that's how I describe it though...) the DEVs heard yah fanboys!

Mage Sword

Wushu master

Axe Master



Song waver - (sorry, couldn't translate it well)

This looks like GAARA from NARUTO though...

Warrior / Mercenary


And there I was... Making my character. The game got alot of customization, from head to Toe. body measurements and some stuffs...

For appreciation feature. DEVs really made the breasts perfectly natural. Not too exaggerating when you slide the options. Well you can really slide it to full that will look like the size of D-cap if you like to. The game will welcome you 9 presets to begin as your base model. Has also height slider, so that every character inside the game is unique in heights. You can slide your fats to slims too. Aside from that, everyting is common. Though This is not as advance as Black Desert and or Moonlight Blade. I still find it similar to BNS.

The customization part is a nice option, you got about 9 presets to choose as a base, feels kinda BNS thing... though the models on BNS is pretty damn amazing and hot. Xian Xia 2 also has it on the mid-level. The only thing I noticed on the models here is how the devs created the button part of the female, kinda awkward by looking at it from behind. but this changes when you finally get your costumes. I'm no perv though, Anyway let's continue... The hair-do are kind of limited... since the game is still in its Pre-Open beta stage... hope they put more hair options in the future.

this is the room:

The eye shader is cool in this one, you can choose different types of it, makes your character's eyes express moods and looks.

note: Looking my character on my monitor for a long period of time, I noticed that it's not blinking, the eye leads. Makes the game character dull for some reason. Though the idle time your character moves and making body expressions. Still this little details on the face that's been left out by DEVs sometimes makes impact on overall game experience. I mean, you have your pretty character, took hours of customizing it then when you are on the the gameplay. You find your character dull because of a missing little details on it. May it be eyes, mouth, or lip openings... It's important though. If I would be a critic. Anyways, I could rate this section of dullness around 2/5.

And oh, I did test some emoticons inside the game but it left me disappointed, No facial expressions are made, only body expressions. Kinda sad to look at. I mean, you press the cry emoticon and you still have a smiling face character? oh come on China! 1/5 if i would rate it.


Anyway to continue my experience.

And this is my Final output. As you see... my character always a female. Why? because I just like it. There's nothing wrong with it right? to be able to control a female heroin is a nice thing. (^_^)

The game has 2 modes. (1)Keyboard mode - WASD and (2) Point & Click - The old school mode. Both TAB targetting.

This reminds me of AION. At first controlling was really kinda awkward for me... since returning to this kind of controls is nostalgic. I was too used on the modern control though, BNS, TERA, Black Desert... although every gamer came from this line long way back before... Lineage 2, Aion thing controls... But as I progress into the game, everything came natural...  and from time to time I switch control scheme too if I get ever bored on the other controls.

One of the main features of the game is the UNLIMITED FLYING. Yes, DEVs made this thing permanent... I mean you can fly and float anytime you want fanboys! anytime, anywhere! just like that! The game has also sprint feature. Fly-sprint and print running. Though already a common feature on every mmorpg nowadays.

You can achieve your wings at level 30. And there's alot of mounts here fanboys!

there are places where flying is animated. Just like this one.

Just like Blade and Soul, there's this portal to jump you to another higher places, so this flight is animated. There's few jump scene where you can control the camera angle.

Questing to this game is pretty easy. Yeah, DEVs heard yah fanboys! Questing made easy, its Auto-path-finding. can't argue with that anymore. Pretty common on all CN games. I'm yet to explore the quests system, so I'm more into story mode rather than PVP mode...I'm no PVP master anyway. I'm yet to explore the skill system and how the inventory system works... like crafting and stuffs... so I'll leave this open and to be continued...

As I review the game, and gone through the tutorials, I see the health system is very similar to Lineage 2, from what I remember. There are 3 bars, the HP, PVP bar and the Mana. HP in this game is not auto-generate, means, there's no way it will regen other than using food or potions. There's a meditation skill, but that will not help you to regen your HP when its half. Even sitting to relax. So, I assume this game will be like... pot drinking season! Mana otherwise is a quick regen, you can use skill anytime. Depends on the cooldown of the skills you have. Now this one, the pvp/pk bar. I think this is to hold your main HP from depleting when you encountered some PVP/PK events around you. As long as its full, you will likely take less damage from them, but when this thing is depleted in time, you'll take alot of damage from them. Well, I'm yet to confirm this really, since I haven't engaged yet on PK/PVP system here... So, this is basically from what I'm experiencing and how I see it. Probably will end on opinion.

it's very noticeable that the sound effects of the game came from BNS though... well, everyone who played BNS could easily notice or will be familiar with those few little sound effect of the game. i.e. quest done, quest accepted. other than that, everything is fine.

And oh by the way, this is Pre-Open Beta. So anyone can play aslong as you have an activation code. But if you dont have it, I'm sure OBT is near for this game. TAH-TAH! Fanboys!

I'll be updating this post from time to time when I'm free from my office work.

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