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My journey to the World of Xian Xia II (The Mythical Realms II)

Xian Xia II. One of THE GIANT's title, from what I know, this game is based on the world of Xian Xia novel and film. This game uses HAVOK engine that made everything so beautiful. With the engines power of Physx making the game so good. That applies to clothing, scenes and some interactive contents and including boobies for the fanboys! achieving the best performance possible.  The graphics are its best. Top notched. Character design models are pretty asianic ofcourse. Not so much exaggeration but looks anime-ish... cutie-pies! Character outfits and textures are amazing, pretty good and some........... ridiculous sometimes(talking about NPCs)... Overall, I like the graphics presentation, vivid colours everywhere, maps and places are just like fantasies of China.

The game got

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2017... After A long time MMOSITE

It's been a long time since I logged to this profile of mine... Although I always came visiting MMOSITE everyday for a good news, a daily doze of gaming news for me of what's new in the MMO/MMORPG market for the last decades...

yah, I've been busy in my real life outside for the past years... and while I am busy, I still have a little time for my gaming habbits, exploring new games KR/CN/JP games... Hope to blog some of it again... I missed blogging Online games...

And while I was busy in life, I was busy playing too you know... for the past years... I was also busy playing foreign game on Mobile market... KR/CN games using BLUESTACKS 3.

And for the online games? yah, still playing BLESS ONLINE KR, BLACK DESERT KR, BLADE AND SOUL TW, MOONLIGHT BLADE CN, MSTAR KR... and the new ones? XIAN XIA 2 or known as The Mythical Realms 2 and Legend of the Ancient Sword both CN new upcoming online games...

The rest are PC games.. haha...

so.. hope to give reviews of my own of these games

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West meets East = WE ONLINE

very nice game, got across the 3rd CBT, it took me almost 2 days of downloading the 2GB client, cause the servers are too slow... good thing i made it, after that waiting moments, I woke up and installed it already! logged into the website, started the game and poof! im on the login server now,


 and there i go,  selected my choice, you decide where you want to be, on EAST clan or on the WEST clan...

first i got my 1st creation on the west, well, just to see what are the various things in there... yup, typical character creation from mmorpg, yet they are nice and cute designs and models, and YES, its better than FLYFORFUN... though WE online never flies around...

and, yah, the wuest system is very nice, upon arriving on the town central, there you will meet the chieftain of the

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New N.E.D. Fantasy Online

That's right, the long lost NED Fantasy Online is back again after a long lost gone from the land of MMORPG... As I recall my memories of it.. I had played the very 1st Korean close beta phase which we'll test the game's features and find bugs and review... So far, my experience on it is really fun... though that time the game have an issue on memory leaks... such a high end graphic detailed game... after the 4 days test, I thought that there's hope for the 2nd beta, but suddenly months and then years had passed, NED Fantasy Online dies... (T_T)... such a cool game, after that time, i never heard from the devs anymore... NED was abandoned... well atleast for a years and so...

But right now! Thanks to my friend Climbatiz! He told me that NED Fantasy is Back! seems WeMade Korea never left the game at all... but now NED Fantasy got evolved into a new type of MMORPG... From the OLD NED Fantasy which the character are cute child-like heroes and sweet harmony of mobs around to kick, and from the sweet detailed world and lands... Now NED Fantasy is never the old one again. So Goodbye Old NED and welcome the New and Re-modeled world, environment, mobs and characters of the new NED Fan

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