League of Legends - Season 3 Jungle Changes: Ouch!

By: DoubleIcaras posted at Nov 19, 2012 3:21 am

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I figured i'd write about the changes to the Season 3 Jungle as I jungle for my team on Genesis Gaming even if I did start to hate it as it basically became a tank-support role instead of ganking and carrying all three lanes. In season 2 Jungling was all about starting with 3 pots and boots; grabbing buffs getting 1 gank in and then build as a tank.

I think everyone noticed how if you had a tank jungle; you'd probably win because they could buy oracles; clear wards all day and not die with it and simply pressure everyone by the fact there is no wards on the map which makes people panic; but no more!

Season 3 brings a lot of new changes encouraging a harder jungle but less typical AoE tanks and more hyper carries. The new items and starting items are a real help to this. Let's highlight the new Black Cleaver for one; it builds out of brutalizer which is amazing because Brut was always a beast of an item but only turned in to one item which was mediocre at best so you were discouraged from buying it or you'd have to sell it late game for a last whisper which didn't make any sense; at all.

My major concern for Jungling is that wards are a lot easier to come by now; especially for supports. Sure oracles got a huge nerf but wards basically got a huge buff. I realize just moments ago I was complaining about how Junglers HAD to buy oracles and it was basically their only role but it's going to be very hard to gank now without a lot of team play happening which is a worry for junglers in solo queue every where.

I'd love to talk more about the items but I feel like it'd be a waste until they finalize what is actually going to make it in to the patches as some have been stated by rioters that they're already way to OP or something similar so I will save a blog post on items for another day.

Don't agree with my opinions?

Let me know in the comments. :)

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