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looking for a agency for pvp

The story of why I'm on MMOsite.

If I recall correctly i joined MMOsite so i could get some free booster time on Global Agenda, the booster helped speed my recon to level 30 before it expired. now on Global Agenda I am with out an agency and I seek to join a new one. Sadly I'm not often on Global Agenda anymore but When I am on I tend to PVP most of the time and I have quite a bit of skill doing so and would like to see these skills put to use in AvA combat. Furthermore on GA i have my crafting skills on the rise for AvA and other such useful things I hope i will find a clan to join who does not mind i am a casual GA player, if I am called online for practice or for some PvP I will join in if I'm not busy in my real life.

My Steam name is snakebite1027 please contact me here also

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Looking for new players or a clan to join in combat!

Most of my gaming time is spent on Fallen Earth. This game has captured a lot of my attention and i much enjoy being in world pvp mode. I am not yet faction aligned but I intend to join Travelers faction when i venture in to sector 2. Right now on FE I have three active characters and few friends who play. what I see on FE is more people around my level to play with and practice pvp in Duels and world PVP. I have a commanders Tier Account so anyone I team with enjoys similar benefits as myself. I also still have one open character slot for anyone intending to join FE if someone reads this and joins i will be happy make Armour and weapons and a new character to use for the game. My character names are listed on My Games and my Steam name is snakebite1027 http://steamcommunity.com/id/OverlordKaidan

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