FFXIV A Realm Reborn: A Brief Look At Night

By: Barnivere posted at Jan 18, 2013 7:15 am

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Fernehalwes at SE has once again revealed more screen shot goodies regarding ARR.

Alpha testing had yet to implement night cycles, so everything

you saw in Alpha videos and screenshots took place in the day.

Take a gander below to see the beautiful night cycles in the game

for the upcoming beta tests that will come in mid-February.

Hello all!

Fernehalwes here.

Now that we’ve finished tidying up after Yoshi-P’s little smash session with the Hammer of the Gods, I can finally bring you some screenshots from the new and improved Beta version.

As many of you may recall from the Alpha version walkthroughs released last month, we had yet to introduce the passing of time, so all the footage you saw took place in the day.

Our programmers, however, have been busy working behind the scenes, readying the realm for nightfall...and here’s an exclusive first look!

The Knot in Old Gridania:

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