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Counting down till death

FFXIV's grand finale starts in approximately 4 more hours and counting down.

(Don't go by that impact timer screenshot lol)

Dalamud will finally make it's impact and destroy the realm of Eorzea.

In order for player to fight back against the forces of the Garlean Empire,

Square Enix provided players with temporary relic weapons, buffs for praying for other players and instant death for enemies for those who pray.

Monk Relic Bard Relic

Live streaming will happen 2:00 a.m pst by the producer

and servers will be officially going offline the 11th tomorrow.

you can watch the youtube stream link that SE graciously provided

The theme regards FFXIV's new client A Realm Reborn.

More information regarding the 2.0 beta tests were also given

it is said that "Players with legacy status will have priority in the beta tests, over those who just signed up"

Players are sitting on pins and needles waiting for the red moon to fall,

as they know that "A Realm Reborn" is just around the corner.

And with all of the information that's been provided to them over the past year 1/2

till now (The most recent being the alpha video and beta information)

The majority is willing to wait.

I took the time to speak to a few player experiencing the event and ask what their

expectations were for 2.0 and what they'll miss the most about this client.

"I'll miss the world as it is now, for all the issues it has, all the copy and paste. When i explored this world, and truly explored, wandering where i wasn't meant to wander, finding things that had little relevance at the time. The experience when out with a small group of friends and saying 'hey! look at that!'. The world could be beautiful, when looked at as a whole instead of in copied segments.

Except the black shroud, will be so glad to see that changed for A Realm Reborn."

~Tessa Jalloh

"I'm not sure what I will miss the most, because I'm not sure what will be missing in 2.0. The things I do miss in 1.0 are things they already took away such as our water spells and guild marks.

I'm looking forward to the new maps in 2.0, as well as some new stories and quests. I'm also looking forward to the variety of new players that will come in if the reviews are good."

~Uriah Nool

But you can't have the good without the bad and the funny.

Some players take a strong dislike with the event, as they're unable to actually keep the relic weapons given to them

(Despite numerous announcements that the final save was October 31st and anything after won't be saved)

Here is a perfect example of a player freaking out after finding out this news:


"I'm going to miss people freaking out about not getting to keep their temporary gift relics in 2.0."

~Octavio Stonewall

"I'm going to miss equipment being equipment and not just materia holders"

~Arkine Vanrien

Hopefully A Realm Reborn will

pick up the pieces that the first launch of the game failed to deliver.

To those of you (Past players, potential 2.0 players, fence sitters etc.):

Will you miss FFXIV 1.0?

Do you openly accept/will be playing A Realm Reborn?

What are your expectations?

My digital body is ready...

FFXIV   A Realm Reborn   Server Closure   Live Streaming   Event  

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