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Oh china... will you EVER learn?

Just not too long ago we saw Dragon Sword, a chinese rip off and mash-up of TERA and Blade and Soul

Now China has been known to make its own clones of mmos and other genres, but 300 Heroes takes the cake.

Not only is the game a complete clone of League of Legends’ design, but it also features numerous rip-offs of popular characters, such as Shrek, Wall-E, Naruto, and Angry Birds, just to name a few.

All these copyrighted characters and squashed incoherently into the game, and how it has managed to survive this long without a lawsuit is actually quite impressive.

Check out the game in action for yourself in the video below and make a judgement

many thanks to the youtuber CrusaderCast.

Remember, it's takes SKILL to steal someone else's hard work... *sarcasm end*

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