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Neowiz has announced that BLESS Online is to release in May 2018, but the exact date is unknown.
to celebrate this announcement, a new site has been launched and the brand new emissary program (Partnership Program for most mmos)

The Emissary Program:

Neowiz is looking for passionate youtubers and streamers to collaborate with in order to bring a stronger community and bring growth to the game.
There are two kinds of roles for the Emissary program:

"Creators are players who can commit to a steady streaming and uploading schedule and who have a passion for MMORPG games. Ideally, players applying as streamers should have over 200 Twitch followers or over 1,000 YouTube subscribers.

Creators (including streamers, video/fan art/fanfiction creators etc.), must upload new content at least twice a month."


Community Leaders:
Community Leaders are players who will have an active role in the Bless community by providing feedback to the Bless Team, suggesting and organizing events, monitoring new content, or managing the Wiki page- all while working closely with the Bless Team. Community Leaders will play an important role in the improvement of Bless and in making its community even more awesome!

For more information on the Emissary program go here

Neowiz is to self publish BLESS on Steam, The game is also announced to be Buy to Play with Early Access and Founders Packs to be announced later.

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