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Name Reservation for Disciple and Master Pack founders have officially begun
yesterday, and despite the recent drama surrounding it, people clamored to reserve their names.
It's been confirmed for a while that new colors and hairstyles would be added come the
Western release of the game, and I took the pleasure to show off the colors and styles (old and new)
Watch the video below to get a glimpse!

Now before you get out your pitchforks, torches and rocks, hear me out on this.
Yes, there were changes made to Blade and Soul's Western release.

Western Changes:
~Female underwear
+Changed from lace Cheongsam (Gon)
+Changed from silk Teddy (Jin)
+Changed from silk two piece (Lyn)
+Changed race name and white slip top (Kun to Yun due to sounding similar to the racial epithet "coon")

All now wear a two piece set, consisting of boy shorts and a crop top.

~Pose Changes in Character Creation

+Changed from original Korean poses (Mainly the last 3)
+Less sexual and more sassy and ferocious

These changes were made due to complaints of being unable to see certain parts of the body adjust
(Such as the model's torso, or pelvis)
The other reason was because it "Looked out of place for an Eastern-Themed MMO" So we asked the dev team to improve it; we actually wanted to see more skin and more of the body revealed, because character customization is super important. I personally love these new designs because it's so much easier to work with in the character creator
~NCSoft's Elusive

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